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It bothers me when people take such great pleasure in saying how stupid Bush is. I can accuse myself of having often made the same error. It was only when I stopped and thought about it that I realized he was doing an expert job of carrying out the Illuminati's secret agenda. Anyone that has been following alternative news on the Internet and truly has been trying to seek the truth must admit that this rat fink they call president has accomplished a minor miracle during his regime. While we curse his name the Illuminati must be thumping him on the back and praising him in whatever manner sinister villains laud each other.

He has basically destroyed the US from within like some sneaky virus that crept into the host body and traveled to the brain thus making the body auto-destruct. Democracy has been crushed. The World is becoming a police state. We are on the verge of nuclear war. The media is in cahoots with the Illuminati to the nth degree. I could go on and on touting the successes (in an Illuminati point of view) of George W. Bush. Blair hasn't done too bad either. Maybe they should share some type of loathsome villain award.

Of course Bush is being thrown to the wolves now and the Media is trying hard with people like Oberman to regain credibility for the liars and whores of the press. They are started to realize that Big Brother media control is only good if people believe it. So Bush will be booed publicly and lauded privately as the Illuminati all laugh and giggle in their Ivory Towers about how gullible and manageable we are.

They'll just replace Bush with some Democrat shill who with make a big public fuss about cleaning everything up. They will only do this if they change their plan about pushing us into war and a completely totalitarian state, so that they have time to regroup and destroy us again from within.

Remember that when you see everyone laughing at Bush, it is really he who is getting the last laugh. Now doesn't the idea that Bush is smarter than we are really disturb you?

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