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Default Re: 9/11 Truth Calling Oprah! Help make it happen!

Why is it so hard to believe when this has been the standard for some time? Perhaps some of you remember War of the Worlds (before it wa made into a movie). It was a radio broadcast concerning the invasion of aliens and people BLIEVED it because, you guessed it, they heard it on the radio (or TV, but they didnt have it back then). They've worked on this for some time. They provide the story they want us to hear and substantiate it by "random people" who are actually pre-selected to utter the same bullsh-- story to make it seem believable.

Bottom line, dont believe anything you read or hear, substantiate it by fact, consider who reaps the benefits by believing their story, dig into it, look for your own answers, dont just take the apple that is fed to you, go find the tree it came from.
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