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Question Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

Governor Mark Sanford, head of the Republican governor's association, is now embroiled and being humiliated in a trumped-up sex scandal, probably initiated by Democratic operatives in order to further weaken an already devastated Republican Party. In retaliation, right wing goons decide to bump off Michael Jackson, a media GIANT poised to make a comeback, and in the process divert attention away from the ongoing scandal, and in a certain way, get even with the American public for turning the government Democratic. This sounds pretty "off the wall," I'm sure, but as I see it, this seems to be pretty much the way things work in this day and time. It's all part of an ongoing surreptitious war being waged by opposing political forces in this country, played out largely in the media, involving - but not limited to - political humiliation and destruction, murder, mass murder, artificially induced illnesses and plagues (cancers, heart attacks, Swine flu, and AIDS), and (most unbelievably) man-made natural disasters...It's time the American people were made aware of the nature of the government in this country, or at least certain pathological elements within it, and that these elements be identified and forever purged from it...

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