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Default Re: Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

I'm confused as to why you think the right-wingers would murder Michael Jackson, of all people, to "get back at" America?

I'm not saying that large groups of people don't retaliate in violent manners. In fact, I'm sure of it.

But why MJ? Why not some actor or professional sports player? Or Obama for that reason? And to insinuate that MJ was killed for retaliation purposes because Americans had made the government democratic... should that imply that they assume the people who enjoyed his music were NOT republicans?

I agree with BlueAngel in regards to Michael Jackson being worth more to the music industry dead than alive, and it seems like she really knows her stuff, especially when it comes to that particular industry. They can't seem to keep his records on the shelves! He's back, even in death, to being what his father, and the music industry, has always relied on - a cash cow.
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