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Default Does The UN Recognize it?

The Principality of Caledonia was previously the managing principality, of a group of seven principalities, which at that time legally annexed the National Estate of Australia in 1992-1993, and formed a treaty nation, British Israel, which then held the National Estate of Australia, in trust for the British subjects that were then resident in Australia.

Upon the abdication of Caledonia's then Prince, Edward James Renton in late 2001 and early 2002, which occured after he had dissolved his own interim government structure, in August 2001, the Principality of Caledonia was effectively dissolved.

To this date, it seems that the Principality of Caledonia continues to exist/trade, under the illegal operation of the Australian convicted criminal, Neal Arthur Lyster, who treasonously and invalidly claims to be a governor of the defunct Principality of Caledonia.

However, on 6th March 2003, due to the successful Declaration of War declared on the Commonwealth of Australia, by the Principality of Camside, the secession of these lands was overridden by the fact that the Principality of Camside, by default, won that war, due to the Commonwealth of Australia not turning up to battle.

The law relating to the Declaration of War, state, that if the country on which war has been declared (Australia), fails to turn up to battle, the country that declared war (Principality of Camside), is declared the winner. For this legal reason, the "spoils of war," namely the Australian National Estate, Crown Land, roads and freeways, are now the property and responsibility of the Principality of Camside.

These property spoils of war, however, exclude the sovereign lands already declared as the sovereign independent lands of Hutt River Province.

The Principality of Camside is now be legally referred to as Her Majesty's Government of Camside, as another of the consequences of the Principality of Camside having won by default, the war that they declared on the now defunct, abdicated and defeated Commonwealth of Australia.

The Government of Commonwealth of Australia, abdicated no later than 1986, because of the human rights that the Australian Government was, and to this date are still taking away from the people, without the consent of either the people, or Westminster Parliament.

Under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (U.K.), the State Imperial Application Act of NSW, the State Imperial Application Act of Qld, and the State Imperial Application Act of Victoria, all of which bind our human rights, and ties all the Great Statutes in place for ever, and they cannot be changed.

All States and Territories, are bound through the Act of Settlement of 1700, to have the same rights, and once given, shall never be taken away.

Lord Bracton wrote:
“Where the Will rules, and the Law does not, the King is Dead"

This means, that if the Government of the day rules by the will of the Government, and not the Law, then they, the Australian Government, are deemed to be dead - in other words, they have abdicated !
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