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Default Re: david icke forums censored

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
We, here at CC, are not interested in the least bit about what forums you are a member and why you have been banned.

Take it elsewhere or be banned and then take the fact that you were banned here elsewhere.
"WE"? 'you' 'think' and speak 'for' EVERY INDIVIDUAL Member here? Isn't that a little like The FACIST DICTATORS of the "NWO PTB" that CONspiracy forums 'claim' to be 'fighting'. Which brings me to my point; it's NOT just me, but COUNTLESS REAL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS, getting BANNED all over The CONspiracy Industry NETwork, FOR EXPOSING The SECRET CONspiracy Industry AGENDA...and 'you', BlueAngel, BRAG that 'you' ARE KEEN TO SERVE THAT SECRET AGENDA, by also THREATENING TO BAN those who Join a thread Here, on That Very Topic!
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