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Can you freakin' believe this man said this and is respected by many!!

"Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a much better world for those who survive".
~ Henry Kissinger (War Criminal)

Obviously, we have some "sick" puppies now and in past government/military positions impersonating sane minds.

Why? Because they are manipulators.

Because they use GOD as a tool to appeal to the masses!! The masses need someone to believe in and if they pretend to believe in God, well, then, they've cornered that market.

They worship the DEVIL!!! and I kid you not.

Me! Well, I chose to ignore the existence of SATAN and, instead, prayed to GOD!!

As I was being tortured, electricshocked, I pleaded to GOD, my GOD, and they said, "God does not exist." God will not help you. They laughed as I begged GOD to help me. Please, please, do not allow them to destroy my brain. To take me heart, my soul and control.

They are men without SCRUPLES. As it was explained to me, SCRUPLES meant that they didn't know right from wrong!!! I was young!!

I was right and they were wrong, he said!!

I hope Henry is enjoying his summer!!
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