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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
i dont need your comment to verify my post on the ileegal mafia. you have no clue where i get my info so your the one that looks stupid are asserting that you are privilege to some plan that is on the drawing board to deal with the Mafia later?
Oh I've got to hear tell....

by the way, you keep saying illegal there a legal one?? The CiA perhaps?

Example...for over 20 years cocaine was being illegally shipped around the world worth hundreds of millions. High grade, not quite that easy to get a hold of, straight from the coca fields of columbia. Our govt declares war on pablo escobar, kills him dead, all of a sudden we have a billion dollar industry, easily available, poor grade, highly addictive, destroying thousands of lives and countless more. Dare I say who it was that developed c r a c k ? The chinese, smoked opium....dare I say who developed h e r o i n ?

Try find yourself pure cocain..a natural, non addictive stimulant. you won't, but crack? easy.
Try find yourself some pure opium to smoke...a natural, non addictive stimulant. You won't. Heroin? easy.
Hell, try find yourself some pure tobacco...a natural, non addictive stimulant. You won't, but cigarettes? everywhere.
Try find yourself some pure MDMA..the first ecstacy phenomenon that exploded into the nightclub scene. Perhaps not natural, but a safe, non addictive stimulant. The love drug. But today's ecstacy? Rubbish, brain damaging cocktails of anything goes!

It is government cohorts working to distinguish any natural form of stimulant for the people, to keep their minds paralised from truth and the reality and joy of being and self. Not the mafia. They are nothing more than the bootleggers. Always have been, always will be.
The mafia will NEVER be dealt with...who the hell is going to sell all these drugs that keep our youth brain dead?
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