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Default Re: Ex Australian PM Called "The Man Who Knocked off Whitlam!"

Antiochus88 says, "Malcolm Fraser's mother, Una Woolf, was of Jewish descent on her own father's side."

Port Germein

Yeah well we won't hold that against him at this stage, my maternal grandmother was a Glaswegian Jew, she gave me to understand I was a Jew by way of my mother's descent, and at about age three years presented me with a cotton skull cap and said I should wear it at all times.

I kept it on for a while until jeers and catcalls from other family members indicated I was the only Jew in the house, none of the other local kids were Jews, while her disclosure that she as a child never mixed with the other kids in Glasgow, because in her words "we were Jews," did not jell with me at all.

After consultations with my uncles, Grandmother's other children my mother's brothers, all of whom had similarly rejected Judah, I removed the head wear and advised her to "shove it," and told her I had no intentions of being a Jew.

After she arrived from Scotland, grandmother took up with and married an Australian aboriginal from Port Germein in South Australia, so in that respect I am a part aboriginal Jew, fathers ppl were a mix of convict stock and Tasmanian aboriginals, according to my grandfather's testimony.

911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo

My operation is all about truth and justice, and is not a campaign against the Jewish ppl, Malcolm Fraser and the entire Australian political hierarchy should be arraigned and tried as capital offenders, for spurning evidence against the Jewish perpetrators of the 911 attacks, many of whom are holed out in the Mossad cell located in Brisbane!

Niece links Abe Saffron to Luna Park deaths

In 1979 during Fraser's tenure as PM, Sydney crime boss Jew Abe Saffron torched the Ghost Train at Luna Park in Sydney killing seven .. nor did one copper or politician take him to task! The father of one of the deceased had engaged a private detective, who assembled an evidence file proving Saffron's guilt.

It was rejected at State level in New South Wales as well as in the Federal Parliament, the same Irishman who had lost his son in the fire, went public that Australia's sovereignty had been ceded to Jews, that fell on deaf ears in politics and the media also!

Port Germein 1904 .. large file,
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