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Default Re: Teacher Fired For Being White

Thumper wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
Total falsehood. You're either an idiot who needs to be introduced to something called a 'court', or you're a liar spreading propaganda and chaos for Illuminati.

I choose the latter.
anti white bias is something I encounter and am expected to tolerate, and I'm not even a public servant!

I don't see why we should doubt her.
I doubt her because I do not believe that people are that happy-happy-happy! And dumb!


'Some niggers called me a honky and that made me feel wrong!'

'Then they says that I gots ta take it n stuff!'

'And that hurts my feelin's! MY FEELIN'S!'

'Then I got raped and stuff, and that made me feel bad, so I quit.'

'Then they said bad stuff and that I couldna get a JOB n stuff! And that's just wrong!'

'So write me, and get mad about it, and maybe I can take some of your money in a scam job that I'm running called a non-profit organization!'

Cause thems can't call us honkies no more! Dangit!
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