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Default Re: UFO propaganda is among the chief false teachings of our age

I agree with you in most of your points in respect to the dangers of ufology. But even with this no one on earth can say with certitude that they exist or not.

Are they are good or evil? Maybe some are(if they exist)evil and others good.

Just because many have converted aliens into a thing of worship does not automaticaly condem the phenomena.

Remember the Bible says that the gods of man where really demons, this will include hercules, mars, venus, mercury.....

Most modern western societies regardless of there spirituality would never accept the concept of gods and the devil knows this, yet the concept of aliens has been slipped into society for many generations. So who knows? If the aliens are demons then I am sure that Gods angels could be considered aliens also. Remember that the original meaning of the word demon ment divine as from the divine regions.

Also remember that at the final battle Jesus with all his army will come out of heaven to fight the antichist. So is't that an invasion force from space?

I have always had the thought that mans technological progress specialy since the French revolutiona and specialy since the late 19th century has been guided by unseen hands for a malevolent purpose- to fight the Armies of Christ. But this is just me speculating.

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