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Default Re: I didn't believe it until today

I am praying that people do not think the catholic church is part of this conspiracy. The catholic church is good but very undermined by the masons. They even have some churches that they placed their symbols in so that the other denominations hate catholics. Divide and conquer. Actualy the catholics have printed the masonic secret rituals thus exposing them. See the catholic encyclopedia for this.

My uncle a Member of the AOH (ancient order of hybernians, an irish masonic order) went to mass every sunday. This was his cover to what he realy was a satan worshiper. My aunt is a sister of the catholic faith and never once tried to molest me. She was actualy involved in seeking who molested me. The sad part is my uncle dad and grandfather had the wool pulled over her eyes. Many of my born again friends think I am a satanist due to the fact I do not believe catholasism is a cult. It is however very undermined by the masons.

Lord Jesus please oust all masons from all of your churches.

As far as cradel to grave I must agree with. My first molestation was called tub time. And lately having been reporting what I know to the authorities masons have been trying to convince me that one day I will accept their ways. Funny how they wind up behind me in the grocery store and try and convince me I will someday join them. In the same manner as the end of the movie Skulls where the politician tries to get the hero to say he will do a favor one day
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