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Default Re: I didn't believe it until today

>>your a shill, or a programmed noob, which one is it?

If I'm a shill then I operate with no training and no funding and in fact no attempt has been made, by whatever organisation I work for, to even tell me I am a shill.

I am a conspiracy fan who looked at the evidence and saw little or nothing.

Ok, I'm lying. I'm an experimental reptile human hybrid. The goal is to create a physical body that betrays no sign of reptile physiognmy. I am the latest test. It has been a success and a failure. By rights I should have killed myself by now so I can report back to the dark planes. I'm having a slight problem as the new process, which involves being implanted into the body at birth alongside the human soul, has resulted in me losing my memory. This has also caused a merging of my soul and the soul of the unwitting host; who happens to be a notorious coward. I'm forced to wait until this body dies naturally. I am able to tell you all this as you will now treat this as a joke. I command you to treat this as a joke.

There. It is done. Feel free to treat this as a joke.

By the way, Swine flu is designed to deter the 2012 genome shift. That one's for free.
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