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This ? was yours not mine. Could be my post wasn't outright clear AND
I possibly didn't read your ? quite right:

BA asked "who is the someone else"?
Someone else = victim/victims (not known by name)
of these other handlers/controllers.
(your question not mine)

Someone else also = "each" of the victims, not "all" lumped together.

I asked about blackouts because:
while you were at the mercy of the handlers/controllers
"the amount of time" that was taken up during your ordeal
would have to be taken out from ---- your day to day life.

Was wondering if there were periods of "missing time",
as you proceeded with your life.
(because of your recalling it having happened, seemingly later in life)

BA: Jane Doe hasn't made an impression on me or anyone else.
Well, maybe you.

You appear to be picking at words here AND insinuating.

BA: Unless you have something pertinent to add to the topic of
mind control, kindly refrain from engaging in useless chatter with
Jane Doe or anyone else on this thread or any thread on this forum.

Have encountered your posts all over this forum and you, notice-ably,
do not follow your own advice.
It must have been "useless" chatter, only, in your eyes AND we have
nothing going on between us.

BA: What happened to me....and I'm not in need of any anonymous
posters....asserting they know better than myself.

Never asserted that I know better than you about your experiences.
Posts are subject to the interpreter. Not your "absolute" perogative.

BA: My response to Jane Does' post was not out of place.
You, however, are out of place for insinuating such.

Seemed like forum etiquette to me.

Please refrain from picking posts' apart TO twist around.
No "need" for us to debate this statement.

I am trying to comprehend your experience that you are "pain-stakingly"
being informative about to others.

Thanks for bringing - What happened to you - Out in the open.
I find it to be an "eye-opener".

You started this thread BUT readers of it, will post in it.
Not "outright subject" to your interpretation of these posts.
There ARE lots of posts in threads that appear to be needless.
(mostly we grin and bare it, some liven things up though)

No doubt, upagainstit and Jane Doe, felt their post was uncalled for.
You, BlueAngel, however: your remarks were not in line.
Obviously, not ALL of BlueAngels' remarks, were out of line,
BUT the ones that were, were noticeable.

You will find my contribution to this forum,
in the story of my life, that I tell:
Social Oppression
it's also in the "introduction" section.
Thread is called: Life As I Know It.
Suggestion: go from first to last entry when you get to the blog.

BlueAngels' life experience and mine are not the same.
However, we both found out later, that something was going on with us.
I became aware of "WHAT'S" going on from 1983 to the present.

Warning: BlueAngel writes "a lot" better than I do.
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