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Almost 500 pages to this thread.

Sped my way through from page 170 and on.

Up until page 170, read each post.

Looking back, reading up to page 100
will give you the "gist" of
BlueAngels' experience.

Pages 100 on to the end almost
is mostly ranting and raving in
quantity and lacks more quality.

Around page 470 the topic of this thread
appears to be gotten away from
even by BlueAngel her/his self.


Pages in the 130 to 140 range:
posters mention pictures here
BlueAngel somewhat "jumps" in
saying the matter will be taken care of.
Not once but twice, the pictures are still there.
The second set of pictures,
is probably the ones they are referring to.
However, the first set - shown twice,
one other time earlier than this,
seem to have no basis to be there.

I suspect BlueAngel has more than, one username.

Posts by BlueAngel between 140 to 170:
seem to be on somekind of "tyrade".
I was "alarmed" at that time.
However: fears appear to be unfounded.

Posts around 340 maybe a little earlier and on:
there is increased interaction between
members of this forum and BlueAngel.

Prior to then this thread is heavy on
BlueAngels', something like "documentary".

BlueAngel appears to be tiring of the thread
around December 2008 to January 2009.
From Jan 2009 to today the time
taken up by the thread, speeds up.


BlueAngel states the time of this ordeal,
experience by her/him, started
shortly after the 9/11 of 2001.
When the incident of the
World Trade Center twin towers occurred.

That would date the remembrance of things
by BlueAngel around 2002.

Nearest I could figure BlueAngel was born
around 1956 in June.
The memories start to unfold around 2002.
(maybe a month or two before)

Apparently the 9/11 of 2001 incident,
triggered something in BlueAngel,
real or imagined(?).

Prior to 2002, BlueAngel, seems
to have frequented "rock concerts"
of her "pet peeve".

However: BlueAngel states in the thread,
that the idea, that unfolds here in the thread,
was taken to - more "media" attention means.
The "medias" approached, did not accept.

BlueAngels' life apart from this forum that
is retold "of", by her/him,
ends up - lacking credibility.

The way BlueAngel handles this ordeal,
is "reminiscent" of the way
"psychics" are portrayed on TV and in movies.

Speaking from my own experience, which started in 1983,
such "over-whelmed" by emotionally set back,
when these "memories" are replayed in oneself,
subsides later on: so "continually" taken with
these "experiences" after a while,
no longer "exist" in such way.
In my own case it would go Aug to Oct of 1983
to the early 1990's. Not endlessly on still,
even though this still goes on with me, to this date.

BlueAngel states in this thread, that
what is relayed here to us
was an "idea" that was taken to
more "revealing" far and wide, media.
Seemingly before the memories started around 2002.

Something that was seen by BlueAngel
in the lyrics of songs, that
BlueAngel could go on about.

BlueAngel has gone on and on.....
about it, in this thread.

Lots of quantity, short on "quality".

However, BlueAngels' demeanor, needs to be adrressed.

BlueAngel appears to have "gaslighter", tendencies.
Probably doesn't go to the "possessing" extent.
BlueAngel "wants" to have it on you, in such way, though.

There were some posters that BlueAngel couldn't handle.
Appears to be because, BlueAngel,
couldn't "see" the poster, from his/her post.
The only reason I can see for BlueAngel
being "visibly" upset, by Leonardo.

BlueAngel, "spun"; a good "yarn".
What was written about, is quite believable.

BlueAngels' experience in life,
past and present,
lacks credibility
directly applicable to BlueAngel.
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