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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Firstly, your opinion regarding my victimization in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and what I've written in this thread about it doesn't matter and I have no clue why you think that it would.

Secondly, I am the MODERATOR of this forum and I suggest that you refrain from rendering yet another lame opinion that you suspect I have more than one username or you will no longer have a username on this forum.

Thirdly, your life experience and my life experience have nothing in common.
Not "subject" to your approval BlueAngel.
Another persons' comment is another persons' comment.

Not dependant on a "pat on the head" from you.

A lot of your remarks to people are blatantly off.

Think your comments through in the future BlueAngel.
Off the cuff - doesn't suffice between the ears.

Is no secret you are - clout happy.
Abusive of your "super moderator" status under your username.

Concentrate BlueAngel - you are not a guiding light to me.
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