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Default Re: What's Happening To America ?

Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
I find it funny that someone who uses "mouslims", "gunna", and spells getting with one T has the balls to call another poster ignorant.

That aside, the chain of events leading up to and the ultimate causation for our little tiff with the radical Muslims is so clear even children can see it. If you think rationally that is.
you seem to be confuseing spelling with wisdom. Being a good speller means just that.....your a good speller. Dont try the high ground on something that has little relivance to anything. There is no need to push your insecuritys about how everything must be perfect on me or use it as a means to make my voice seem to have any less say. I could use spell check yes but truth is right now I cant be bothered and Im sure you can understand me.

You seem to forget that throughout history and still to this day us white people have been the ones starting wars and shreading blood. And that the Christian Religioun has actualy started more wars and taken more lives then any force I can think of. Still countries such as America use God and Religioun to justify there actions...."God Bless America....God Bless America.....In God We trust". In Gods name they start wars, make deals, construct stratagies, keeps secrets, tell lies, and wipe there ass with the debts of your grandchildren. Thousands of blind religious Americans are highly patriotic and would follow there country to the end. They seem to believe they are the chosen ones. The light, the good, the saviours of the world. Mindless sheep following a regime they dont understand with the reasurance that God is with them and looking out for them and that all things happen for a reason.

Now im not saying that the Mouslim religoun is any better then the christian one. And im sure there are bad Mouslims around who proberly do wana do bad things to some western countires or such and hell who can blame them...from the society they would of grown up in it would be easy to see why they might hate western culture.....or be naeve enough to get talked into something, hell I hate it.....we are in a place where movie stars and pop idols are worshiped....inteligence is looked down on within our youth....thinking for your self or outside the box is deemed insanity and if you dont conform with society you are outcasted from it. What im saying is that they are no difrent to most people in this world. Most people in this world are blind or asleep. Most people are still ignorant to think that it actualy makes a difrence where you come from. Most people would still argue "my country better then yours"....shit get over your selvs your country is in the same fucked up hole as us all and chances are if its western its one of the countrys in controle of and who create this fucked up system in which we all suffer.
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