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Default Re: US - Israeli UN Resolution Hypocrisy - by Stephen Lendman

Israel has ALWAYS claimed southern Lebanon as a part of ancient Samaria/Judea.

To be honest...i find the whole thing a silly distraction.

At it's most base and ultimate end...war; IS, the ultimate distractor from the behaviour of despots in power and the method to consolidate said despots power.

Beyond "profit" or even the conquoring of lands for oil and wealth...wars FIRST and FOREMOST end is the consolidation of power.

Turn off the telly. Involve yourself FULLY in local issues where you can TRULY make a difference.

If the STUPID Arabs had ONE SINGLE ounce of common sense they would lay down their arms, give Israel all the blessings they can come up with and video the actions of the IDF as they try DESPERATELY to provoke them.

Second, they would BAN ALL gunfire and jumping up and down at little childrens funerals and instead march sombrely with tears while begging the International Community to reign in Israel.

But NO!!!! These fools are to stupid to do it.

Violence begets violence. Evil acts are NOT solved by more evil acts.

Hamas, Hezbollah and the stinking IDF deserve each other.
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