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Default Offence Taken at albie's Being Bumped Off Quip

I have taken offence at albie's apparent attempt at humour in suggesting that the authorities could attempt to have me "bumped off".

This is no laughing matter as there are numerous cases where the suggestion is that this has and does sometimes actually happen.

This is the entire content of albie's offensive post. Is this just innocent humour? Judge for yourselves:

"I'm not yellowhat. I'm agent Orange.

And they won't harass me because I've written no books.

Just how many copies have you sold? It must be thousands for them to be zapping you and breaking into cars. Of course there could be thousands of people like you, who haven't reached the public notice, who get bumped off before they become well known enough to be untouchable.


And I wasn't sure of albie's quip either that he was "agent Orange". This is rather poor humour considering what happened in the Vietnam War and that this IS a conspiracy forum.

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