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Default Re: Offence Taken at albie's Being Bumped Off Quip

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Here is a quote from you...

"Just inspired guesswork presumably?"

How SLY of you to suggest I know more than I should, hence suggesting I am part of the group "harassing" you. That's ok, is it? Maybe you should stop and wonder if I found that insulting, being compared to a group of people who in your view are probably child abusing satanists.

How dare you suggest I am such a person.
You suggest I had inadvertently compared you to a "child abusing satanist".

However don't forget you said the following in the thread "Who or What Agency Deleted My Post", post 43 in the Support Area:

I myself talk to Satan a lot. If he really is Satan I do not know. A lot of my coincidences revolve around him though, and people like David see that as confirmation(as he does with his reptiles).
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