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Default Re: People are dieing, and we are almost oblivious

What is the reason you wanted me to make nice with The Devil and Shadow?

A person who refers to me as a C*unt and a B*tch and makes funny about MY lacerated vagina.

Someone who was attempting to hypnotize me together with his cohort IGWT in an effort to implant commands that I know nothing about the music industry and I will say nothing about my past.

Someone who was hoping that together they could trigger BETA programming, have me email IGWT
sexual messages and perhaps use it against me.

Is there some reason you keep company with PIGS and, therefore, want me to as well????

Is there some reason you and IGWT together mentioned the entities with black eyes who have the born yesterday look and control the Illuminati. Entities who can glide across the floor?

WE know the answer, LaDomino.

Your persistance will not pay-off.

In Peace,
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