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Default Re: I have a illegal microchip in me

To help me identify/eliminate possible causes please list all operations/tests/sessions with mental health personnel/pseudoscience medical applications. When you were incarcerated were you given any injections or anything other than basic medical treatment ( basic meaning intake evaluation, TB test , ETC.) I have happen to come across case studies in my research involving mind control tests/experiments on prison inmates most involuntary and most unknown to the subject.

August 14, 1971 - Stanford Prison Experiment (SPE), the SPE was designed to study how psychologically "normal" people would react to role playing as prisoners and guards while being immersed in a simulated prison environment for two weeks. To do this a mock prison, the SCP, was set-up in the basement of Stanford's psychology building. For realism bars were put on windows, the cells were made of steel bars, there was a "yard" and "chow hall" area, and a windowless "hole." Surveillance cameras allowed Professor Zimbardo and his assistants to monitor the SCP 24 hours a day.

1961-1963 Concord Prison Experiment, the original study involved the administration of psilocybin to assist group psychotherapy to 32 prisoners in an effort to reduce recidivism rates. The experiment was designed to evaluate whether the experiences produced by psilocybin could inspire prisoners to leave their antisocial lifestyles behind once they were released. How well it worked was to be judged by comparing the recidivism rate of subjects who received psilocybin with the average for other Concord inmates.

Inmates at the prison in Walla Walla from 1963 to 1968. After their testicles were bombarded with X-rays, they suffered rashes, pain and severe emotional distress, and are now at increased risk for developing cancer, according to the lawsuit.
After an 18-month review of hundreds of human experiments, a White House committee in October 1995 concluded the prison experiments were unethical because the inmates were a captive population and were not fully informed of the risks.

Maybe you want to give this a read?
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