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Default Re: Creating Poverty and a Third World Country

aaaaaaaah starbucks ? an iluminate coffeeshop for the cheep .

never mind . im a tea man myself .
i must admit , i dont like the idea of poeple loosing their jobs , who are poor and are trying to feed children .

but really , there is more to come .
lots more ! so dont go puting all your eggs in one basket . learn real skills ! like surviving out side the system , getting on with nature , finding out how use nature and be sheltered , getting food . creating a living , an equelibria with it .
i cant help those who want to just go to work , go home and watch tele .

you wont find me in the same "s-it street" , even if i did loose my career , my home , my town etc .
quite frankly , its going to do our world , the world of good to know , this system is false , depraved , and so barock , and so stupendously and mind numbingly sick , it needs a clean out .
these are just the begginings , of cleaning out the carzy !

but i know what your saying blue angel . i do feel for depsrate and worried poeple , i was there once too my self , but i desided to make my own destiny . take control of my own life , and it took hard , back breaking , sometimes friend loosing times to become self managing .
poeple need to wake up .

its just too bad its painfull for those who were lazy minded , and wanted to so little to back up their lives . infact , thesepoeple are the root cours of it all.

doing the system ! saying the system thing ! going home watching tv .

i believe , wereap what we sewe .
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