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Default Re: I always hear that a 'moral society' is not easily dominated.. can someone elabor

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post

oneview, can you define your phrase "cold blooded reality". Are you referencing it to an opposite status or a similiar status?
Has to do with - the outside world around.
Being, what one is confronted with, by other interests around,
as one goes along - its' own "merry way".

The - extreme interests - of any established world about:
that one - incorporates - in itself - to see the - light of day - instead.

Has nothing to do with - one - will - make the world, more suitable.
It appears to be - the outlook - from early on in life.

Even though one can - seemingly - live out ones' life - with no real "ado" -
confrontation abounds - and would have to be - dealt with - by anyone.
As one strives to accomplish the "seemingly impossible".
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