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Default Re: In the Beginning...

More and more it is becoming evident that life could NOT have evolved by itself in a primordial soup. So they come with this theory that life came from another planet.
Thomas Gold's book is instructive. "The Deep Hot Biosphere". It would seem to "fit" that oil is produced by a combination of bacteria and other elements already in the earth.

Life most likely "evolved" from this combination.

When certain "pea soup" inner earth contents (mainly hydrocarbons) are exposed to U.V rays, they produce primitive proteins...the first DNA.

This does'nt preclude God in any way. I have the doco on the "Intelligent Design" movement and will post soon. I am really aghast at why their is SUCH hoo haa? The "Intelligent Design" people are simply saying that to preach that it's all just a big "accident" is ridiculous. Their is a "direction" happening.

It's like your DNA structure which is BASICALLY a combination of simple sugars. Now, HOW in the hell do "simple sugars" in different combinations account for ALL that we see before us? My sugar in my coffee just sits their BUT it is essentially the same.

That their is an "intelligence" behind all that we see seems self evident.

Truly, the rationalist/materialists are gonna be dragged kicking and screaming back to the idea of a Supreme Being whether they like it or not. Most of them have nervous breakdowns anway. Such is what is needed to break the arrogance of the ego filled with Lucifers Pride.
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