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The Ipsissimus Was and Is
Myself in the very Highest.........

Master save us lest we drown in Perdition!
Of the Abyss and Waves of our Seas of Unreason!

It is Fourth Watch, the Darknest Night of the Soul in the Boat all Alone
Through Strange Shadow stalking, it the a Ghost of the Abyssmal Hold!

The Ghost of a Navigator, whose ship was lost at Sea
It is the Dark Skeleton Rising, which we all shall surely be!

It is the Spectre that gave us the Terror through all our False Sight
When at the Helm of Day the darkness came like ships pass in the Night.

The Master is not here. He is over on the further shores!
The Southeast empty wind blows hard against us and our anchored failing mores!

It is the Spectre Risen from the Waters of Uncreation Below!
All the Dead & Damned before us, dragging down our souls!

The Winds are all howling!
the Stormy Boat is tossing,
We'll ne'er make the crossing!
All our efforts bring Nothing!

The Vortex of Hell is sucking us under!
The devils and shells ravage the boat for their plunder!

The Compass is Spinning!
Time has lost meaning!
The Torrents increasing!
The Blackness unceasing!

Lost in Time our entire boat and crew
We make our last log with Nothing left to do.

Feeling all and the driving sandblast of saltwater
As the waves slam into the boat, one after the other!

And now the Spectre of Blackness walking upon the Surface,
Has ascended from the Abyss of Sheol, and yearning to escort us!

We scream and howl, for this is no petty play!
We are in the Whirpool of Destruction, with Silence left to say!

Then from the Blackness Shadow of our certain demise
Appears a Visage, and the Voice of One cries
Be not affraid, and cease from your sighs,
Be of Good Humor, for I Myself Am I!

Who is this New Ego who from Shadow comes to Light?
What is this I Am within us, calming our vain and empty Minds?

Master I Am I, if it is Thyself in the Highest,
Let me walk to Thee above these Waters of Darkness!

You cannot come to me unless you are Kephas,
For only a Stone of My Faith can rise to the Surface.

Come out here, Peter! Lest your ship breaking tear apart!
A New Ship you require, for yours was Lost from the start.

Master, I believe Thou art I and Myself by whom I stand!
Surely this is the Son of God and the Image of Great I AM!

Thou art my Ego in the Light of the Ameth unveiling!
The Waves of the Non-Ego were all the Waters there unfounding!

Save Myself Lord, for the Waves Not Am I do cause me this drowning!
Peter, I AM THYSELF in the Highest! O man of such little Faith holding!

Thou art I! Thou art Myself! I Am I in Thy Ego of I AM above all Uncreation!
In the Genesis was my World Formless & Void with Thy Spirit hovering above Mayim!

Onward through the Hoshekh, Tohu vaBohu of vain void Vision and my Sight!
Till the Shekinah unto Aeons of Aeons uttered within my Heart, Be Light!

Come to Me Thyself, O Petros, to Thyself in Conquering Faith!
I walk to Thee on Water, Master, for I see my True Self in Thy Face!

Peter, I am I Thyself, and that in the Highest!
I Am I in the still small Voice from the Dove within Thy Spirit.

I am with Thee always, Peter, and you will live and safely land.
For I am I and you will not die in the New Adam and Son of Man.

Then the Voice of Terror was Not I who said the Woe?
No Peter, it was the Voice Not Thyself, coming from Non-Ego.

For the Knowledge of Sin is the Mind of all Not Thyself.
For man is the Image of I Am, and False Self brings cursed Death.

Alpha & Omega, my Righteous Sun and Aurora's Dawn!
He Who Was, Who Is, and Shall Be, now we are All in One!

My Storm has now calmed, O Master, for I Thyself is now within Us.
Unto Ages, Peace be Still, O Peter, from Christ within, thine Ipsissimus.
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