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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Prove that block of aluminium was actually found in that hole. Prove it didn't slip in recently, during the excavation. Prove that place hadn't been dug up before and the item lost there recently. Prove that the oxidisation couldn't have happened in a short time period. Prove it wasn't a fake. There's no real proof of how old it is or where it was found.

>>Maybe you should read the book first before dismissing it. It's not that expensive

Did you read the criticism of the book and the rest of the stuff I provided? I bet not. Have you spent a second trying to debunk all the things you hold to be true. I bet not.

>>Still.... according to official historiography, no African had ever set foot in South-America at that time and the vikings had been the only "Old World" inhabitants to ever set foot in the Americas (and only a handful of times). So whoes boats were they?!? How did negroes get to South-America and coca extracts to Egypt?

Do you think maybe they WALKED? the land masses are connected, and even more so in the distant past. They could still have used boats. What's to stop them? your dim view of black people?

You haven't provided one iota of real reliable evidence. I wonder why you still believe. Maybe I just have higher standards. You should use your little grey cells and see where I'm coming from.
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