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Default Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised

OP, I'm afraid that you might be nuts. Masons are not screwing with you. If someone is harassing you and they are a Mason, then that is a coincidence. An unfortunate one. However, I suspect that delusions and hallucinations may be responsible for the experiences that you are reporting here.

Masons are good people who consciously try to be better and more generous, less judgmental and without biases. Masons have a bad reputation with fundamentalists because we put religion aside to focus on fellowship and relief. With fundamentalists, it is either THEIR way or "Satan's way". We, on the other hand, welcome ALL men who are of good repute and belief in god. We don't discuss religion or politics. We don't distinguish between rich or poor. We are all equal. This is disturbing to many religious fundamentalists because it threatens their power structures.

As far as occult symbolism goes, we are trying to preserve history and if it weren't for us, many of the old ways would be forgotten by now. We see beauty and truth in symbols because they mean something different to everyone. We also see beauty and truth in Holy books such as the Torah, Koran, Rig Veda and Bible for the same reason.

What we are interested in is NOT world domination. What we are interested in is eliminating biases and promoting rationale, brotherly love, truth and relief.

Of course, the whole "rationale" thing puts us at odds with fundamentalist religious types from time to time. Of course, what they do is fine by us but they don't need to be forcing it on anyone else.

In a nutshell, I think you're probably schizophrenic or schizoaffective. you need to stay on your meds even if you start to feel better. I know life is more exciting when "they're out to get you" but this whole Elijah the Prophet stuff is a delusion. If there truly are people who are harassing you who are Masons, then for god's sake, call the cops. Remember that Masons are actually HARDER on each other than on anyone else so even if the cops are Masons, trust me--these harassers will get theirs! No one should be harassed and any Mason who is harassing people has a hell of a lot to think about.
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