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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Gale said:

I myself suspect I am being targeted by pulsed infrasound which takes the form of 'bumps' which you can feel and these disturb your peace of mind and can also cause you to lose half a night's sleep.

I am certain I am not just imaging this and I have contacted my local housing group about the matter. Having your home professionally swept can cost thousands and there is no guarantee they will actually find anything.


So, Gale, when you contacted your LOCAL HOUSING GROUP about being targeted by pulsed infrasound which takes the form of "bumps" which you can feel and disturbs your peace of mind and night's sleep, how did they respond?


Thank you.
The response of the housing group was rather predictable. They checked for alternative sources of the problem other than electronic harassment.

At the present time the housing group has flatly refused to mend the chronically creaking bathroom floor for fear it 'might damage the sound insulation'.

I have since contacted the local police who sent two officers out to discuss the matter with me. They didn't seem very impressed because I was unable to prove that what I was saying was true. They suggested that the problem 'might' be due to underground pipes or 'might' be because I am paranoid and just imagining it or 'might' be due to some undiagnosed medical condition I have.

Basically their whole approach was slightly dismissive.

I also contacted a private anti-surveillance company who had a problem hearing what I was saying because of noise on the line. My end was completely clear. They said they would call me back but they never did.

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