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Default Re: True Democracy's Checks & Balances

What Happened? – :-o :-o :-o

What happened to the protections offered by the Geneva convention?

How come the war-mongers claim to fight governments when in fact they kill civilians by the thousands we don’t even have to count because our “beautiful minds” can not be wasted w/ such reality?

What happened to all of the human rights victories attained by the sacrifice of both men & women over the last 50 years & more?

What happened to all of the protections we had finally obtained over decades of hard work to provide workers w/ a fair environment to work in & provided by the employer?

What happened to the “American Dream”?

What happened to families?

What happened to our standards of education?

What happened to our life savings?

What happened?

Who has a monopoly on prosperity?

Who has a monopoly on freedom?

Who has the power, time, & the money to dedicate themselves full time to destruction? To the war-machine?

Where did they get that money from?

How did they get it?

Who are the only people that get a pay raise every year regardless of how much destruction they have caused?

Who really believes the “propaganda machine”?

Where is the true moral authority in this planet, who is free from prejudice, greed, corruption, hate, & disregard for humanity? Does it exist? Or do we just hope it does?

When was the last time any of our leaders talked about the “freedom of man,” freedom from a system designed to enslave humanity?

Who are the real “Predators” of freedom?

Who are the “Predators” of prosperity?

Who is watching the “Predators” preying upon humanity? Who is going to punish them?

When the land was free & we could live from the land & the sea w/o having to pay half of your earned hard labor to some “authority”, we were free. They came along & promised to protect us in exchanged for our earnings. But what happens when we need their protection? They turn away, far, far, away… we got screwed. And this is not the first time, …or the last.

The question is, what are we going to do w/ the Beast?
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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