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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Hey, it took them five or six days to find him "not guilty" of all ten counts!! What? Where they being BRAINWASHED or something while sequestered??

The headline on YAHOO news reads something like, "Michael not Allowing Sleep Overs." Another one was, "Back to NeverLand." WHO the HECK lives in NeverLand?????? I'll tell you who, mind control victims!!!

Makes me SICK!!! SLEEPOVERS!!! This man has families with children spend the night in his room and sleep in his bed.

THIS, my friends, is not NORMAL!!!

You know, it's the NEVERLAND (Peter Pan programming), never grow up attitude of Mr. Jacksons; it's the finding children from less fortunate families whose parents may be easily discredited, branding them as fortune and fame seekers.

And, his fans, standing out there night and day never once doubting his innocence when CHILDREN are the most innocent of all and those who tell it like it is moreso than adults!!!

Just because he's Michael and famous surely he can't be a pedophile!!

Think again!!

Okay, got that off my chest!!!

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