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Default Re: Are There Any True Conspiracists Here ?

Well, BlueAngel ... I think there is more than we will ever know, that truly goes on daily (and nightly) at Gloom Lake (aka Area 51). And even though, there have been numerous documents on the unusual activities going on there, I think even though documents were only made to "hush hush" others. So, they made them public, only so the public would just shut-up about anything they may have seen or heard.

Its kinda like, they want us to know just enough. But not everything. And even though, that little something is documented, doesn't always mean that is what is really going on there. They could have easily made them, just to "throw us off" into believing that stuff is going on. And, perhaps we will never know the truth.

I have personally been close to Area 51. But I never attempted to cross that imaginary boundary, where they could shoot you at will. But close enough, though.
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