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Default Re: Earthquake San Bernardino area

I'll just say this much on the situation; 'I'll keep you updated'.

Ideally, what we are shooting for here is a 9.3 between San Bernardino and Riverside.

But, we'll take an 8.0 if that's all we can get out of it.

Of course, all of it depends on God. I've prayed and will keep praying. But God is merciful and does not will any to perish.

However, if the Satanism, corruption, drug dealing, prostitution, and etc does not stop shortly in the 909, it will be summarily obliterated.

I'll make you a promise, though. Since I'm such a kind hearted fellow, I'll save L.A. for last.

You had better repent Cali. This is no joke. It's all nice and neat. It's all just 'natural phenomena', you know?
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