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Default George Bushís "Freedom" Speech today in Ft.Ticonderoga, NY... Wow, just wow!!!

George Bushís "Freedom" Speech today in Ft.Ticonderoga, NY... Wow, just wow!!!

George Bush spoke today at a safe venue: The Republican Troops for the Neverending Ft.Ticonderoga, NY

Good day! (troops: "Hoo-Rah!")

Weíre all real Americans here, and weíve got a long slog of a fight ahead of us. Weíre engaged in an almost endless battle for truth, justice and the American way. We all love freedom and must fight terror where and when we find it.

Our old enemy Ben Laden, that creepy cave-dwelling leader of the Evil Forces in the Middle East, has dedicated himself to the destruction of the United States and all countries who disagree with this agenda. He is like Hitler or Lenin or Stalin or that he has sworn to imprison the infidels of the world, torture and gas those who donít conform to his strict religious laws, and rape our young and delicate American daughters! This cannot stand!

(troops:, standing..."Hoo-Rah!")

Iíll be asking a lot more sacrifice of you, our noble, brave, courageous and fine fighting forces. We must vanquish these monsters who would dictate, like Nazis, our very future and lifestyles to which we have become accustomed. They want our land, our personal property, and our very souls...which they would send to Hell itself!

You may not survive this battle. It may go on for years, decades..even longer. But itís the GOOD FIGHT, and we must dedicate ourselves in the name of the Lord, to ridding the earth of these foul slime! You may come home minus an eye, a leg, an arm or something a bit more "personal". No matter. Itís worth it. You might be killed. That is the price many soldiers in the Army of the best country in the world often have to pay. If you donít die you may come home stricken by an odd disease like "Gulf War Syndrome" or "Depleted Uranium poisoning". Iíll tell you something; those illenesses donít exist. They are just claims made by malingerers and neír-do-wells who donít have the stomach for the fight.

You may come home with a messed up mind. Donít let that bother you. Thatís par for the course. We all have to suffer the pain and anguish of taking another personís life. Itís only natural. But keep this in mind to protect your sanity. Our enemy is NOT human. These are simply animals in human form. Animals who kill without discretion, who torture their fellow man, who care not for what happens to you or your lovely wife back home. If you donít fight now perhaps soon...very soon, youíll be force to combat them right here in the good old US of A!...We could face them mano a mano, face to face, back to back, belly to our sacred streets. Maybe THEN youíll rise to the occasion and stop them before they rape your wife and ruin your way of life.

God Bless America!


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