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Default Re: All Hope Is Gone! The Antichrist Is Taking Over!! Commit Suicide!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Are you following YOUR unsound advice from YOUR unsound mind?

Please tell the forum how you plan on killing yourself.
Kill myself? that's crazy! My point is Christians are so stuck on the "Apocalypse" and stuff like that, it seems to me if they really believe it is coming they might save themselves from the horror that it would bring.
Personally, I view such books as Revelations as being Christian porn. See, they really get off on the idea of on the idea of holocausts and slaughter.
Besides, if you have Heaven in the bag and you really believe Heaven is better then this Earth, what do you have to lose by committing suicide?
Fact is, most Christians are pious windbags (not mentioning as well hypocrites) who are so full of shit their eyes are brown.
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