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Reverse psychology is used when one is under the control of another as in the "satanic cult."

If a remark such as the following is made:

"You are never alone," which was made on this musician's site, it can implant the thought that you are alone or call up the chatter or the fact that you are always being watched and listened to, inside your house, outside of your house.

Or, a remark such as, "I want you to not be afraid of your past," can do the opposite. Suggest to you that you should be afraid when perhaps you weren't.

This is what THEY have always wanted. For me to be alone and afraid.

I'm sure my computer is infiltrated.

When I was emailing someone after HE/the musician and his ilk had brought me to the brink of suicide through emotional abuse, etc., I told him that I felt like dying.

I was outside on my porch wearing a white robe and when I checked the site, HE made a remark about this. Do you always wear a white robe in the daytime? This, right after a helicopter had flown over my house.

After walking with my husband in the neighborhood and helicopters flying overhead, he commented that he was out of there, bringing me to that point of emotional distress.

Afterall, he was my connection to the past. He had the evidence, but if I was with my husband, it was all over between us.

He then returns making jokes about the white robe and now all of a sudden everything is okay again.

My controller had the ability to make me sad, make me happy. He had CONTROL of my emotional state of mind. He had control because he was my handler from the past, I was a mind control victim, and because he brought up disinformation about him being the one to whom I was passing knowledge/intelligence.

I was, in a sense, being held hostage against my own free will.

He falsly claimed to be what he is not!!!

Are you seeing how this works?

Since when does LOVE have to be involved? What's love got to do with a matter involving criminal activity perpetrated against citizen's by the "rogue CIA?"


In this case, it was a condition. And I did not meet the condition.

This person I was emailing about my past made a comment about tapes, when I inquired as to why they don't kill me.

Shortly after, the musician posted on the site, WE HAVE TAPES TO PROVE IT.

I was used as a muse which is commonplace with sex slaves in the music industry.

Read lyrics. So many have the same themes. So much hurt, pain, darkness, mirrors, lonely, thunder, rain, etc., etc., etc. READ some of your favorite rock musician's lyrics.

I received an email from someone on the site stating that his muse (ME) had left him flailing. Again, guilt on me when all of HIS actions were reprehensible.

It may have actually been in my word program. Many times previously written lyrics while on his site, would show up in my email or word program and this was not of my own doing.

There were several times when I was "triggered" to pack my bags. When I look back now, I am amazed at the state of mind I was placed in. I was actually packing my bags and thinking we were going to be together.

When this did not occur, it was to call up the false memory that my parents were always telling me to pack my bags because I never knew when he would be coming.

When he didn't, the hurt, the pain was of their doing.

In actuality, this is the "muse" part of it. The hurt, the pain were from his doing and from this lyrics are born.

Many of his songs speak to meet me here, I'm coming, etc., etc.,

So, when I was young, I was programmed to believe that when these songs were on the radio, I should be ready for him.

Of course, this did not materialize. It was a way to keep me in an emotional state of distress, hurt and pain.

In Peace,

Some of the songs that are not his, but are suppose to be from him to me occurred when I would sit by the radio in the past and a helicopter would fly over.

RADAR ONE is one!

HE said since we couldn't be together until I was better, every love song he ever wrote would be for me and that we would speak to each other through music.

So, I would write back and I believe leave my lyrics/songs somewhere for HIM to pick up.

Once on the site, it was said I was going to receive a "taste of my own medicine."

This, when I refused to stop having intimacy with my husband.

Of note, mind control programs, the FEDERAL RESERVE, etc. were never spoken about while I was on the site.

I was the only person to do so.

There are many songs by other musician's who are, too, a part of the cult and they contain lyrics to keep me confused as to whom my BOSS was.

In Peace,
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