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Then there were those times when HE would post blank comments as if he were sad.

One poster replied to him, "You committed perfidy. Suffer in silence."

This is a trigger of course for mind control victims. We are suppose to and we were told to suffer in silence. We were not allowed to cry or to speak to others about our pain.

This same poster made a comment about me having more intelligence than him/her and indicated that I should be doing something about it because there were SPOOKS sitting on the fence.

A FEAR trigger, SPOOKS! Instilling the fear of death another MO.

However, no information as to what exactly I should do was offered. No guidance, no suggestion.

And, while I was in a state of fear, after Kerry made a statement, "Help is on the Way." So, to, did this poster. Materialization of help never prevailed.

Just a ploy to keep me SUCKED in!

When, I felt suicidal, songs would be posted, but they would have double bind meanings. Like, my baby's alive, oh, no, my baby danced herself to death.

In Peace,
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