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I'm sure they were hoping that with my bags packed, I would leave my husband as there was no indication they intended on showing up on my doorstep with any proof as to HIS innocence in my past.

There were comments made that they had my back, because I remarked that I didn't want to be alone.

Had this been accomplished, in my emotional state of distress, altered states of consciousness, with sexual programming triggered, and alcohol a main topic on one of the threads on HIS site, their plan that I become sexually permiscuous like my child-like sex slave, Wendy, who was the tramp would be the way to ruin my life and discredit me.

Hotel California was posted many times...

verse, "we are all just prisoners here of our own device."

"In the masters chambers, they gather for their feast...."

Another verse in a song by the Eagles, "don't look back, don't ever look back."

There was false information planted in the past about HIM having been with Streisand and this was referenced on the site. I sat on it.

When I indicated I wasn't financially capable of supporting myself, there was a thread posted, "that I needed help." I did not respond.

I can't imagine what this would have entailed.

There was also this remark about HIS JEALOUSY, which was to trigger a mechanism in me to be overly jealous of him with his wife, with fans, etc.

To that end, this has been beefed up recently. However, it is null and void. It was short-lived after realizing it was "manufactured," and the truth about the "operation" and HIM became clear after I broke free and regained control of my life and mind.

At first, I thought this remark was truly about HIM because of his actions when I did not cease and desist from intimacy with my husband.

Do you see how sadistic this is?

The chatter about being OBSESSED with him appeared.

I couldn't figure this out at first. This voice repeating, "she's obsessed with him." To understand now, is to understand this is what they wanted. For me to appear like some obsessed crazed fan.

This, of course, programmed from the past and it may have been my downfall then, but not now.

When I first entered the site, I truly had no interest in anything other than speaking the truth about our government.

In Peace,
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