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Thunder has some kind of role in the fear factor along with weather changes. I was terrified of thunder for a very long time. It was said that the GODS were mad. This is programmed into victims and you can see the prevalance of words like thunder, black sun, rain, etc. in musician's lyrics.

It also was a "mood altering" mechanism. To alter your mood, consciousness is the theme of the cult. So that you are never in control of how you feel, act and behave.

There is one particular verse in a song that is quite disturbing to me. In fact the entire song is disturbing and calls up "suicide commands."

"for the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside that IT AIN'T NO SIN TO BE GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE...."

So, basicially the verse is saying that it is a sin to be glad you're alive. Your notion is wrong.

This is double-bind meaning.

I said so many times during my youth how I wished I were never born.

So, this verse speaks to that. It brings up the words, "I wish I was never born." IT brings up those memories of crying as to my predicament. Feeling helpless.

What it really means is that your notion that it isn't a sin to be glad your alive, is wrong.

It produces, this: Well, you can always kill yourself, if you wish you were never born.

It produces despair and sorrow over the atrocities of my past.

Another mood altering mechanism.

In Peace,
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