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Collars of some sort are used. They are thick and I think they can shock. Don't make us pull it tighter. I have marks around my neck and, when I first awoke to my past, I began thinking that my throat had been sliced because they're from ear to ear. They aren't something that anyone would notice except myself, or if I point them out under very good lighting. I think this is disinformation for the collar. Wearing it for quite some time and it being pulled tight would leave indentations.

I also have a scar that looks like I had a tracheatomy. I wrote a poem a while ago about the CIA wanting me dead, slicing me from ear to ear and a breathing tube inserted deep into my chest. The cover story could be that somebody tried to kill me and slit my throat from ear to ear because I remember it was said that I couldn't breathe on my own.

The poem went something like this...

Someone tried to kill me...
still today I do not know
MKULTRA/Project Monarch...
the CIA and mind control...

Another cover story was that I had some near fatal accident and the reason for the tracheatomy scar; however, if I did, I don't remember it yet.

I see myself in a hospital bed and people standing in the room. I see machines and respirators. It seems like doctors are trying to revive me and/or like I'm in a coma.

This could be something they induced.

I distinctly remember talking about this with my father or someone. This scene of being in a hospital. Questioning him. Did I have an accident? If not, why do I remember this hospital scene?

And, it was said that, oh yes, you were in a coma and everybody was pulling for you and then one day a miracle happened and you woke up.

Whether my father told me this or not, I'm not sure.

Further questioning only produced more disinformation. I was constantly telling this person that HE was purposely lying and confusing me as to this hospital scene. Why not just tell me the truth? Oh, because it might traumatize you all over again. Can you imagine this???? I was yelling, so this is the reason I have amnesia? This is the reason I don't remember things like I should? Just tell me. If it traumatizes me, I'll deal with it. You're a sick man, I said.

You can't even stick to the same story. Everytime I talk about it you tell me something different happened. How can you expect me to deal with it, if you don't tell me the truth. You just trick me and think it's funny. You're sick. You're a sick person. Who would do this to someone they supposedly loved. I ask you questions and you never give me the same answer. You talk jibberish. You frustrate me to tears and anger and you don't care. You just sit there and laugh.

Why is it that you say something different about it everytime? Why doesn't anyone just tell me the truth? I was threatening to investigate it myself and was told, don't go digging into the past, you're not going to like what you find.

Seems the more I questioned, the more I was told that this subject was OFF LIMITS. Forget about it, move on.

Then, more disinformation. He says, if I ever catch the person who did this to you and then the man in the stocking appears.

Then the disinformation about the motorcycle accident surfaces.

So, I was traumatized from this accident or whatever the HELL it was and the coma is the reason I don't remember it, they say.

Why would you want us to tell you and traumatize you all over again, it was asked. Because I NEED TO KNOW! It's my life. Why would you hide things from me about my life if you know what happened?

Some things are better left unsaid. Are better forgotten.

As far as the breathing tube/scar that looks like I could have had a tracheatomy, would they seriously go to these lengths to produce a sleep induced coma?

I don't see how this could be related to the razor blade incident.

But, I definitely see myself in a hospital bed, machines, doctors standing around me.

What's strange is that I feel like I'm floating above them. Could this be a near-death experience at China Lake.

Well, now, if so, this just doesn't sit very well with me!!!!!

In Peace,
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