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Default Re: Free info on the mason's codes/numbers part 2

hello, Blue Angel.
Just having a chat.. no threats...hope u been ok, and had a fine Christmas.
We had ham only, trying to reduce !!!
I hope u stay...

seems this no baby want discuss Jabaulon.. keeps advoiding the subject...

If this baby mason 2 does believe in JESUS.. which i dout, he want long. he must be a new member.. they suck it out at the 2nd for sure. If going to church... they done sucked it out and got him hoodwinked...and king queen baby no 1 too !!

U see, by oath, they can not discuss..JABOULON...

I dont hate noboby, that makes me unstable..

U said u were abused, MY ,2 nieces and a nephew by a madman sadistic,pedophile ex brother in law 33rd mason freak abused them...
and this king baby says now i know what it is instead of damn man, im sorry. He for sure endorces what is going on. squesh a bug !!!

Trust me, im on ur side..
son of bitc*** that messed with u, i guarentee were sorry ass masons...
CIA, FBI, alll the aphabets are full of the rot, as these 2 here. or could be 1 doing the socket puppetry
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