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Default Re: living in Hitler's Germany

And as we know Hitler was secretly supported by the British Illuminati. Why? Because Hitler was pursuing the "greater" goals of the brotherhood and so transcended the political and geographical boundaries with which we are familiar.

This same principal is seen in the US today: insular support of the "Continuum of Control."
For example, mass media and other entertainment products all have an element of mind control, however weak or subtle. Those who are supporting this agenda will wink at Madison Avenue and their efforts to macerate the human will.
And this is what it is all about: the maceration of our wills - destruction of free will by constant submersion in subliminal and other covert styles of influence, and is an overt goal of MANY occult-based organizations.
\"Oops\" = A. Hitler upon hearing that the allied troops landed at Normandy instead of Pas-De-Calais as expected.
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