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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
this is not bigotry this is the raw thrth gays dont like to hear
by gays infiltrating the classrooms of grade school kids teaching there filthy needs to innocent and pure minds is not only a shame its endangering the morrels of children which happends to be a crime

one of the conditions of Skitsofrenia and insanity is strange sex fantisys such as man and man. or GAY. or homo. with no respect to the wrong of it because insanity is being unable to tell right from wrong.. a homo is just a sane dirt bag that dont care as long as he gets his needs. gay is just the cover of the book on the later while hideing whats in the padges. and no mater what you think or what your status is or your education is. the normal part of the world will never accept gay as part of there normal life no mater how much the law leegalizes it. that are just ignored. till somones kid is forced to learn gay in the class room. it stops there
if you dont agree with that then yoiu scandelized kids in classrooms just as much as they are trying to do and if you dont think its wrong what there trying to do then you are just a thing i ignore and walk around

look....if there is a school where they are showing gay sex to young children which i doubt even though i aint american (sorry kinda guesing your american) then aint that your goverments fault?

im sure if you asked most gay people then they would agree that its in apropriate just like showing straight sex would be to children of a young age.
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