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Default Who Is Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. Really?

Here comes a few questions to Ahmad and his Submitters. I acknowledge the fact that this article does not provide any backup for their allegations of Zionist funding etc.

<a href="">Zionist Conspiracies Against Islam:
Rashad Khalifa's Cult</a>

"You'll find the most disastrous campaigns by Jews, Qadianis, Shia, and other enemies of Islam who say, "Just hold fast to Qur'an and don't follow Hadiths because Hadiths aren't reliable." Sayyidina Rasulullah ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) forewarns Muslims Beware of the time when people sitting on cushions, relaxing, say 'just follow Qur'an and don't follow Hadiths'. In addition to the groups named above there is a wave of pro-Zionists propagating a false religion, but trying to use the name of Islam. These people may have Arabic (or Urdu/Farsi) names, dress half-way like Muslims, and use some Arabic terminology, but they are NOT Muslims, nor are they anywhere close to being Muslim! These shayateen are members of an international cult that calls itself "The Submitters," founded by a dajjal named Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. The mission of this Zionist-backed organization is to wage an unholy war against Hadith and the Sunnah of Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) while professing to follow nothing but the Holy Qur'an.

Many Muslims have heard the name "Rashad Khalifa," but few know the true identity of this wretch. The most interesting fact about this dajjal is that he was NEVER Muslim. Rashad Khalifa was a Coptic Christian from Egypt and when Allah sent that wretch to the Hell-Fire, he died a Coptic Christian (he was assasinated by a Muslim). His real name was Richard Kalif and he was registered as Richard both in Egypt and in America, but at no point in his cursed life did he ever become Muslim. In order to establish a cult in America and gain flexibility, the Zionists funded him to establish his following in Tucson, Arizona. He was paid by the Jews not only to spread his cult in America, but to produce his own (uneducated and fully opinionated) "commentary" of the Holy Qur'an, with the intent of levying an attack against Hadith & Sunnah and branding those Muslims who follow the Sunnah of Sayyidina Rasulullah (may peace of God be upon him) as being "false Muslims" and heretics. Such an example of this is found on page 94 of his commentary, titled Quran: The Final Scripture, where he wrote:

"When they grow up in an environment that equates goodness with belief in God and the Hereafter, consequently this person may profess belief in God and the Hereafter; and in order to be good while in fact, his innermost convictions are contrary. [he then makes reference to the Holy Qur'an, referring to ayats unrelated to his feeble point] God teaches us in these verses that the invention of Hadith and/or Sunnah was designed to distinguish the true Muslims from the false Muslims. The true Muslims upheld the Qur'an, the whole Qur'an, and nothing but the Qur'an."

Of course, he means the "false Muslims" uphold the Sunnah of Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)). Keep in mind, Richard, alias "Rashad Khalifa" was a Coptic Christian.

In his own arrogance and filth, Richard claimed to be a Messanger of God, in the same manner the dajjal by the name Ghulam Ahmad Qadian did. In his retarded claim to Messengerhood, he declared himself to be receptive of revelation (revelation, which is specifically for the Prophets of Allah) and that Allah has revealed to him a "new Sunnah," asserting that the Sunnah of Sayyidina Rasulullah ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) was invented by Shaytan. May Allah give that Coptic wretch what he deserves! The most popular of the claims of this false prophet is the fitnah of the "miracle" of the number 19. Though a very absurd and ridiculous claim the "Submitters" make, Muslims should be well aware that the "number 19 phenomena" of Mr. Richard and his "mathematical scheme of Qur'an" is purely his freemason insertions into religion. It is important to know that most of his statistics were totally false. Yes, like so many other cults, the Submitters are heavily tied into Masonic orders. In a very wasteful effort he and his cult followers produced many books in their pathetic attempt to support his ideologies with contorted "Islamic history" which is "coincidentally" written by Zionists whose aims are to defame and desecrate the name of al-Islam.

His cult now assumes new names in order to disguise their program. They now go by the following names:

1. The Submitters (most commonly used name by them as they replace ISLAM with "Submission." Since they know very well that REAL Muslims will undergo hardship and many trials due to the fact that they are Muslim, they don't call themselves MUSLIM, but call themselves Submitters.)
2. International Community of Submitters
3. The Submission
4. Qur'anic Islam Movement (an offshoot of Mr. Richard's group from Pakistan)

As previously stated, the mission of these kuffar is to attack one of the basic structures of Islam, which is the Sunnah of The Holy Last Messenger ((may Peace Be Upon Him)). There are numerous beliefs and assertions these shayateen make which clearly expose their anti-Islamic agenda and pagan beliefs. For example, 1.) They believe that Sayyidina Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) wrote the Holy Qur'an himself. 2.) They disbelieve the Kalimah's second half, which is MUHAMMAD is the Messanger of Allah. 3.) They reject many verses of the Holy Qur'an. Bear in mind that there is no difference between their beliefs and that of Iblis (Satan), because Iblis accepts the first half of the Kalimah (Laa ilaaha illallah), but rejects the second half.

No matter what state Sayyidina Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)) was in, his blessed words were either revelation or in the light of revelation, and the Almighty Allah proves it to all of mankind in Surat an-Najm were He says:

"And he (Muhammad) does not say anything from his own hawaa (desires, wishes). Indeed he says what is revelation or in light of revelation."

Anyone who disbelieves in this doesn't believe in Holy Qur'an.

The followers of Mr. Richard Kalif, alias Rashad Khalifa (may Allah give that wretch what he deserves, no matter what name he assumed), are neither Muslim nor are they to be regarded as Islamic in any shape or form, for their only motive is to rebel against Islam via attacking Hadith, Sunnah, and the blessed personality of Sayyidina wa Mawlana Muhammad ((may Peace Be Upon Him)). They come in the guise of people who strongly attack non-Muslim religions, but Allah exposes them for who they are by their own words, as they slide in attacks against common sense Shari'ah issues, such as eating pork or haram meat, etc. May Allah protect Muslims from the satanic rhetoric of this cult and other Zionist organizations bent on destroying al-Islam from the inside as well as the outside. Aameen."


There's more.
This from another article that mentions the problematic Khalifa.

I understand there is antagonism and tension in all religions but so far Ahmad has not illuminated these problems.

"Mr Ahmad Deedat has been acclaimed as a hero and the defender of faith by many Muslims. However, there are some who see him as the opposite."

"Mr Ahmed Deedat, the head of Islamic Propagation Centre, has openly admitted that he is no man of letters as far as secular knowledge is concerned, and in so far as Islamic knowledge is concerned, from his own admission, he has gleaned it from those who have inspired him, including individuals such as JOSEPH PERDU, the BAHAI, who in the 1950's came to South Africa to undermine the faith of the Muslims, and who was thoroughly exposed by us to leave South Africa during that period. The exposure of Perdu is contained in a number of pamphlets brought out by us, and also in several issues of the Muslim Digest."

<a href="">"DEEDAT'S GURU NO. 2</a>


RASHAD KHALIFA, inventor of the spurious theory of Number 19, [By the use of numerology it claims that there is an arithmetic pattern based on the number 19 running through the Qur'an] cleverly camouflaged his hypocrisy and sinister designs by wearing the mask of a sincere Muslim. Having beguiled the Muslim community into believing his new-fangled theory of number 19, he is now gradually unmasking himself and revealing his true identity. The first glimpse of Rashad Khalifa's hypocrisy came into light when he declared in his bulletin, MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE, of March, 1985, that:


In the April 1985 issue of Rashad Khalifa's MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE, a bold sub-heading tells the Muslim world: "MORE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS THE FALSEHOOD OF THE LAST TWO VERSES OF SURAH 9."


We accept his invitation to "examine the evidence". Before doing so, however, we wish to remove another mask and expose the face of his partner in this insidious crime against the Holy Qur'an. the man who became instrumental in disseminating the nefarious idea of Rashad Khalifa is none other than the recipient of the King Faisal Award from the Saudi Arabian Government for his "outstanding services" to Islam - MR AHMAD DEEDAT.

Ahmad Deedat's fascination and preoccupation with the theory of No. 19 became an obsession; and despite rational criticisms and rebuttal of the theory by prominent writers throughout the Muslim world, he (Ahmad Deedat) has remained its steadfast champion and an ardent supporter of his mentor, Rashad Khalifa, whom he calls "that great servant of Islam".


Mr Ahmad Deedat wrote a tract in 1979 entitled AL-QUR'AN: THE ULTIMATE MIRACLE, in which he slavishly echoed Rashad Khalifa's ideas. In fact Ahmad Deedat effectively became "His Master's Voice". He (Ahmad Deedat) says in his tract:

"I have in all humility taken the liberty of bringing the scientific findings of that great servant of Islam - Dr Rashad Khalifa Ph.D., in my own humble way... In it I have freely utilised Dr Rashad Khalifa's data and in places I have used his actual eloquent words verbatim for lack of better expression." (Deedat in his booklet - "Al-Qur'an - the Ultimate Miracle").

This tract of Deedat is freely distributed from Deedat's headquarters in Durban, South Africa. In October 1985 he published its First Reproduction in U.K. (20 000 copies) for free distribution. Ahmad Deedat thus became an accomplice of Rashad Khalifa by aiding and abetting him in his avowed aim to attack the integrity of the Holy Qur'an." (M.D. p.25-26)

"And now Rashad Khalifa, Deedat's GURU number 2, says in his recent bulletin called, " MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE " that the last two verses in the Qur'an in Sura nine are false, and should not form part of the Qur'an! - Muslim perspective - April, 1985. Muslims all over the world are labelling Rashad Khalifa as a Murtad, some say he is a Kafer, others say, he is a Munafiq, still others say he is not a Muslim, and is outside the pale of Islam. Now if Ahmed Deedat has derived his Islamic knowledge from such a dubious authority as Khalifa, then it stands to reason that Deedat has no first hand knowledge of ISLAM at all and that his ( Deedat's ) knowledge of Islam is not only shallow and second hand, but DANGEROUS.

Rashad Khalifa has openly committed KUFR and it must follow therefore that Deedat is pedaling Rashad Khalifa's KUFR to unsuspecting Muslims through his lectures on Rashad Khalifa's theories and booklets, of which there is no doubt." (M.D. p.53)"


And in conclusion, and support, the following is an extract from an article on the Miracle of 19 issue:

<a href=",31,0,0,1,0">Code 19: The Real Bible Code
Edip Yüksel</a>

"No, don't you see? This would be different. This isn't just starting the universe out with some precise mathematical laws that determine physics and chemistry. This is a message. Whoever makes the universe hides messages in transcendental numbers so they'll be read fifteen billion years later when intelligent life finally evolves. I criticized you and Rankin the time we first met for not understanding this. 'If God wanted us to know that he existed, why didn't he send us an unambiguous message?' I asked. Remember?"

"I remember very well. You think God is a mathematician."

"Something like that. If what we're told is true. If this isn't a wild-goose chase. If there's a message hiding in pi and not one of the infinity of other transcendental numbers. That's a lot of ifs."

"You're looking for Revelation in arithmetic. I know a better way."

"Palmer, this is the only way. This is the only thing that would convince a skeptic. Imagine we find something. It doesn't have to be tremendously complicated. Just something more orderly than could accumulate by chance that many digits into pi. That's all we need. Then mathematicians all over the world can find exactly the same pattern or message or whatever it proves to be. Then there are no sectarian divisions. Everybody begins reading the same Scripture. No one could then argue that the key miracle in the religion was some conjurer's trick, or that later historians had falsified the record, or that it's just hysteria or delusion or a substitute parent for when we grow up. Everyone could be a believer." (Sagan, Carl. Contact. Simon and Schuster. New York: 1985, p 418-419)

The above excerpts are quoted from CONTACT, a book by Dr. Carl Sagan the late astronomer who became popular with the TV series, Cosmos. Sagan's CONTACT is a novel expression of philosopher's prime dream: Mathematical evidence for God's existence.

Mathematics is considered as an a priori, that is knowledge gained independently of experience. Most of the philosophers highly relied on mathematics. Descartes who employed extreme doubt as a method to reach the knowledge (certainty) could not doubt from mathematics. The language of mathematics is universal."

Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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