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Unhappy Re: Want To Study Everything? - And pass it to anyone without worry of ridicule? GO!

Hello Blue! (and people of the World)

... Are you listening to Coast to Coast AM? .... I feel like fucking crying.... I mean... I didn't care much for frogs until now, & OUR WORLD IS BEING TORN APPART BY DESIGN! - It's fucking breaking my heart... I dont know if I can take this research anymore!!!! - I need your help!!! - (ALL OF YOU people in the World, please contribute to my work at Awareness & Taking Action! -Take the red pill, go down the Rabbit hole, & see how far it goes... .... - I'm doing this ALL on my own, & it's REALLY starting to get to me!

My site is a year old, but my research spans like many here, over the past 5 to 6 years or more, & I don't go out as much as I'd like to, because like Alex Jones, I simply can't... - I have a REAL job to do, & I only work part time, so I can pay my electric bill... (Which pisses me off, knowing I shouldn't have to) , so I have passed out on my bike once because I don't eat well enough, because I have spent all my savings on tools & equipment to make anti-NWO music & my site & was low on blood sugar... And given all of my efforts, I just have a max of 15 visitors at one time, from when I posted something on because I cannot even afford a phone line, with my quarter-grand electric bill, so I havn;t had the chance to plug my site on Coast to Coast AM, so could someone that reads this PLEASE call in & suggest that others checkout, because it's a shame I'm only getting a few hundred hits a day, given all the work I've done, will do, & it's a good directory for the info we ALL need to know. - Now just us open-minded people, but EVERYONE!
I recently noticed that my cat is infested with fleas because she got outside one day, when I failed to shut the door correctly, & it's freaking me out... I'm doing everything I can, (bathing her & vacuuming , etc) until I can save enough for the flea treatment medication drops...

I'm sorry to get so personal about my issues, but ... What can I do? I started by putting a donation button on my site, but with all the other sites that do the same, I doubt I'll get funding that way... I need some help! - If I were to seek therapy, I'd surely be prescribed meds, & be assumed a nut, because of my firm belief in a coming staged 'Alien' invasion, for example...

(Time=Now wipes tears from face & moves on, feeling strong & confident in my endeavor, despite my frustration & grief that is beyond words...) Headline News (the guest's site (Linda Howe) that had me crying for 5 minutes... and more now... - And I'm not ashamed to admit, that; I'm a GROWN man of 28 years old...

'' ... This is a reality check, & if the Amphibians are dying, what is next for us? '' Webmaster
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