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Default Re: WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site


I welcome all debate on every forum . . . and to hinder anyone's God is to hinder religeous belief and discussion. This is what the NWO wants to do.

I agree that no one should try to convert anyone, and no one should say thing's like 'my God is better than yours,' . . . but when one belief system says something that the other belief system doesn't have in their 'handbook,' then there is a debate that will surely open.

Now I understand the point. We are an ANTI-NWO site and forum. fine. But like I said before . . . hindering religeous discussion is exactly what the NWO wishes to do. This is because the NWO believes that they have grown past God.

So that makes this a double edged sword, doesn't it? If we speak about God, we are missing the big picture, right? maybe. But if the NWO is a crew of Satanists, then whose to say that God isn't our only hope? Maybe in order to defeat the NWO, all of the religons in the world need to unite, and recognize that they all worship the same being, albiet in differing ways? And maybe instead of waging war on differing religons in the name of God, we should all get together and wage a true Holy War against all the Satanists in the world.

Have you ever thought about it from an angle like this? How can you say we don't need any discussions about God when the enemy is a Satanic organization? Should we be praying to Martians instead in your view?

One final thought . . . to say that God has no place anywhere is kinda like heresy. Is it not God who made all things? Is it not Gods right to go whereever His children feel he is needed? Can God not go wherever he wishes? I mean this is all his . . . he made it all. And even things that are made by man, it is through the grace of God that we were allowed to discover how to make things. Think about that.

Now there is not one thread that I have seen (I have not seen all threads, however) that says we should convert to anything else. We do have a lot of Muslims in here who make very good points from time to time, but none that ask for conversion.

Maybe you just need to find Jesus or God, or Allah, or Jehova, or Yaweh, or whatever it is that you believe to be true. And everyone believes in one form of God or another. Everyone . . . especially agnostics and athiests . . . pray when they know they've reached their final hour . . . but by then its too late. Do something for God and for yourself before its to late. Why don't you pray for The Truth and The Way of The Lord.


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