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Default Re: Prince Charles to Plead Islam's Cause to Bush

Yeh, good cop/bad cop.

It's like the Athenians rushing over to Rome to teach the uncouth Imperialists some Kultcha...

Charles's mentor and close friend was Sir Laurens Van Der Post. He got all his tolerence from him. Who got it from Carl Jung. Jung preached tolerence...from a safe distance, acknowledging our differences.

I am all for tolerence. I will happily tolerate the Muzzies over in Muzzie land and they can tolerate me here in white mans land - formerly a black mans land. We can visit each other on holidays and marvel at each others quirkiness and cool dress sense.

A few can migrate to open up ethnically diverse restaurants to ensure my stomach is kept entertained.

We can all then live in peace as neighbours sharing the resources of the planet and striking out for the solar system and the giant playground God has given us.

Baaaaaarrrrrrpppp!!!! "Oh, what time is it...0900? Oh, so early! What a beautiful dream..."
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