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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

i have seen many many coincidences that defy mathamatical statistics of 9/11 being done bye terrorists. the theory has more holes in it than a second hand dart baord that has been at an archery club used as target practice for a month .
what really amased me was the number coincedence , ie 9/11 = 9+1+1=11 . and 911 is the american call for help etc . have you all seen it all ? i suppose some of you have . talk about shocking .

even if we were to base the theory alone on maths and patterns , the conclusive proof speeks for it self as done bye , and you can quote me

a "ritualisticly obsessed" and ever so safisticated in numeroligist enterty , that the only conclusion that can be reached falls in to 2 catagories .

1) we live in a giant machine world where certain mathamatical patterns can be seen in a weekness of its program structure ! the matrix .
2) we are facing a very inteligent " ritualisticly obsessed" alien take over of planet earth in our faces !

here i have2 more coincidences i have yet to see published or given to the public .

i have been on their cases since i was discharged from the elite airborn forces .
lets just say , i know alot about mind control , alpha , beta , theta , but there are actually 7 states of departmentalisation that our minds can have .
these departments are also seen in th book of revelations as churches . the department is known as an alter . 7 churches 7 alters . this is also the key to how our masses are mind controlled through education ( to which i call -------systematic departmentalised split data proccessing ) , tv , radio , and a few others . the 7 headed dragon in revelations is also ( other than alot of other theories that i do not doubt ) is also the nature of our subconsciouse ; ie r-factor--- ie reptilian mind and its seven seperate departments connected to 1 bodey .

anyway chaps ? to the point !

i am not trying to preach to you , i just wat you to see it for your self . just see it for your self and reap the horror show .

what does 911 /2001 actually mean ? 9+1+1+2+0+0+1 actually = 14 ! 1 +4 = 5.

look ! genesis 5 , paragraph 5 , verse 5 .

adam dies ! when you read on , adam dies of an infection ofthe 5th rib !

this is why 2012 holds alot of death in its numarology . to find the real day of death , one must allow the numbers of a day , a month plus 2012 to mount to 5 when concening america . americas number is 5 hence the pentagon .

now go - to the 5th book of the bible deuteronomy .

5th book , 5th paragraph , 5th verse ; and i quote

i was standing between jehovah and you at that particular time to tell you the word of jahovah ( for you were afraid because of the fire and did not go up into the mountain ) saying

fire ? mountains ? fire ? buildings ? hhhm ?

ok lets call that another coincidence shall we .
what about 7/7 london bombings ? why do you think they always advertise 7/7 as ---------7/7 an not 7/7/2005 ? come on the clues are in your face .

2005 . ie 2+0+0+5 = 7 .

so 7/7 should be advertised as 7/7/7 .

a ritualistic sacrifice !

allow me folks to explain something . 9/11/2001 had different numbers that are added together , but 7/7/7 is a trinity of numbers . holy at that ie 7 is a holy number , but since they are a trinity ie 3 the same , we have to apply the numbering system differently . 7+7+7=21. 2+1 = 3 .

but since it is a trinity that also adds to a trinity , we have to apply the numbers twice on them self .

just see .

3rd book of the bible is Leveticus .

3rd book , 3rd paragraph and 3rd verse , then 6th vese and 9th verse only !

thus we have 3 , 3 , plus 3 verses . a trinity , where the final outcome is also a trinity of trinities .

i quote
3rd book , 3rd paragraph verse 3 ,

and he must present some of the communion ( poeple ) sacrificeas an offering made be fire to jahovah . namely , the fat that covers the intestines , even all the fat that is over the intestines .

verse 6 .

and his offering is from the flock of the communion sacrifice to jahovah a male or female , a sound on is what he will present .

verse 9 .

and from the communion sacrifice he must present its fat as an offerng by fire to jahovah . the entire fatty tail is what he will remove near the back bone . ( rucksacks on backs of bombers ) , and the fat that covers the intestines , even all the fat that is on the intstines .

now ? since americas number is 5 , and uk is 3 , the iluminate homeland , how is any of this a coincidence ? i see none ! these two rituals are connected bye yet another similarity .

the letter "B" through out the bible , ie the second , letter of the alphibet always connects to bad things .
beast , beelsibub , babbel , and can it be any coincidence that Blair and Bush were in power ?

did you know Blair came into polotics at 30 years old ? he wasnt priminister , but his birth day also adds to 3 .

there is more , but i am not going through all that right now , but what i will add to this , is the book of revelation where john write down signs of the end .

where he writes--------- "LOOK"--------- in many parts of this book . the implication of "LOOK" means poeple are cought by surprise , and are shocked .
many times where the iluminate do their dirty tricks , they can only be achived by surprise hence "LOOK" is like a shocking statement as though poeple are cought off guard . thats why , when i first saw the tv reports on 9/11/2001 and the london bombing 7/7/2005 , i wasnt surprised at how it was done and advertised in our faces so much . i must admit, i knew the real enamy stright away !

bye the way ? the london tube railways were the vains of london , was it any coincidence that the last victims were on a red london bus ? what about the number on that bus ?----------------- look it up your self .

5 is ----------and always will mean--------- death !
3 is-----------and always will be ------------a small strong imprisonment .where one angle or side cannot be moved or manupulated with affecting the another side . it is a strong cage .

when you look at ay 2 dimensional shape , any shape like a square , circle or hexagon , can be manipulated in any direction bye squashing it , and can be squashed where the end results show a slightly different shape that still holds the same area squared , but a triangle can not be manipulated into any other shape , bye pressing down on one side . it is strong because if you try to squash a triangle , it wont move because to move , one of the sides have to alter its length to adjust .

any , just thought i would give you this info , for , coincidence sake .

good thread bye the way ! excellent !
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