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I just recently went to Montreal in September, have family there. My cousins were making fun of America and I couldn't blame them. It is no use defending Americans, we are pretty much an imperialistic empire. At school, the general consensus is against Bush, however, the students/faculty actually think they can make a difference by voting. At my campus there were so many get out the vote garbage campaigns. The political biases really depend on the schools. Some schools are notoriously liberal, UC Berkeley and UCLA, while others are conservative, USC. The differences lay in the funding. The liberal schools tend to be public while the conservative schools are private (but there are exceptions to this rule, most Ivy league schools are both private and liberal). Now, outside academia most Americans don't know Iraq from Afghanistan on the map. They are sheep, and the media preys on them. It is ridiculous, Bush and the media (which is, contrary to popular thought, more conservative than liberal) scare the sheeple into thinking they are at risk of another terrorist attack. That is completely ridiculous, I have been living the same life post 9/11 as I was pre 9/11. For every Bush supporter there is a Kerry supporter, but the key is that they both believe in "democracy."
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