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Default Reptilians Amongst Us?

Are they usually on TV and in movies? Notice when you watch TV and movies that the Reptilian "Tongue Flicking" reflex where people stick their tongues out can mostly be observed often done on TV and in movies as opposed to being done in real life by real people you know? Could the reason for this be because Reptilians do not hangout with humans often? Therefore humans do not often see or observe the Reptilian "tongue flicking" reflex done in real life. Why is it mostly observed being done on TV and in movies? If you were to spend at least 30 minutes or so, watching TV (mainstream media news broadcast channels) You will actually notice it being done alot compared to in real life or in person by people you know or hangout with. If you think I'm making this up, conduct your own research by for example, going to an area where people in your town or area gather and hangout, then observe for at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Here is a link to the Reptilian Pact Reptilian Pact

Why am I posting this? I've been targeted by these Reptilians and their Hybrids because I found out the truth about them. Once you find out about them, they will begin to target you with what is known as "Electronic Harassment". Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs, Gangstalking, and other forms of harassment are done by these secret Reptilian hybrids who have secretly infiltrated into all levels of human society.

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